TFG is a team of strength and conditioning professionals dedicated to helping individuals and small groups achieve the highest fitness possible regardless of the goal.  We specialize in alternative approaches to training; we help athletes develop, test, and push the boundaries of their capabilities to create long-lasting, objective, and un-matched fitness.

The Problem

LACK OF QUALITY PERSISTS.  The status quo in the training and fitness industry today is marred with gimmicks, uneducated coaches, and inappropriate training plans that do more harm than good.  It leaves athletes injured, unmotivated, and struggling with success. 

The Solution

CREATE OBJECTIVITY.  We help you define exactly what your training goals are, assess your current strengths and limitations, and develop a training plan especially for you.  We ensure that you'll go above and beyond what you thought physically possible.


Unique, specific assessment and training plan made 100% for you and your training goals.  We start with an initial consultation to learn about your background as an athlete, take you through a very detailed assessment to gauge your current capacities, and design a custom training program for you and you alone.  We provide on-site program design at our facility always under the supervision of one of our staff, so you'll never feel alone.  We also provide remote program design for those who don't live near our practice.

Independent Program


Individualized training plans for teams of 2-5 people sharing similar needs based on sport, job, etc.  We provide the same assessment, but with a team dynamic in mind.  Whether you're participating in an athletic endeavor together, have similar training goals, or just good friends, having a shared quality training plan puts you lightyears ahead of everyone else.  On-site and remote options available.

Small Group Program Design


10-15 athlete daily group training with general fitness in mind; jack of all trades, master of some...If your goal isn't specific, yet, or you're just looking to improve your overall fitness, this is a good place to start and a better place to stay.  We periodize the training all year round, include a stellar amount of education, and a community that will make you feel welcome whether it's your first training day or your 500th.

Group Training Hours


A one hour comprehensive testing block designed to give you an objective answer to where your fitness currently is, why you might not be improving, where your injuries are coming from, or simply how to perform better in whatever type of training you're currently engaged in.  You don't have to be an athlete here either - the assessment is open to anyone from any background.  We assess how well you move, how strong (and how balanced that strength is), and how well developed your energy system capacities are.

Physical and Structural Assessment


Program Consult

30-60 minute in person or remote video or phone consultation.  Any problems that have arrived in your training we'll help solve, give you perspective, and most importantly, an objective take on how to handle your training more effectively and how to troubleshoot for better performance.  Fee is waived for on-site and remote independent program design clients.


Prices range from $189 - $550 per month depending on the service, need, and your training time needed.


Train with us.  Fill out the intake form below and we'll get in touch with you in 24-48 hours.  We'll personally walk you through our options and recommendations, and determine the absolute best path to pursue to finally become the athlete you've always strived to be.

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